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by Athena Software

Problem solved: Penelope is designed for social service agencies who need a single source of truth to help meet an increasing demand for services, rising client expectations and evolving reporting requirements, while improving service delivery and managing costs.

Penelope is a cloud-based case management software solution that's been helping nonprofits and human services organizations around the world achieve their missions since 2001.

Penelope keeps all of your scheduling, notes, assessments, attachments, referrals, and billing in one secure place, while providing flexible reporting and data export options to get stats quickly or organize data for your funders.

Penelope includes a suite of engagement tools that help improve your clients' experience and encourage staff collaboration, while our smart forms, automated workflows, and reminders help reduce paperwork and manual processes. Our secure SaaS data hosting comes with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and Penelope's mobile-friendly system means your staff can access the software anywhere, anytime.

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by CapitaTech

Unified Case and Offender Management Solution enables social services and criminal justice professionals to thrive, despite ever increasing workload demands. Capita Case’s technology and intelligent domain knowledge helps you manage your workload more efficiently, enabling you to improve services. Management gains improved supervision controls, and extensive graphical reporting and performance measurements. All with the same goal of impacting lives and reducing recidivism.

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Case Management, Child Welfare, Homeless Services, Juvenile Justice


by Healthify

Healthify is a leading software provider to health plans, hospitals, and provider networks working in low-income communities. Our platform is used by care teams to make quick and accurate referrals for patients who need additional help from social services.

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by Vital Child

(Maryland’s Total Human-services Information Network) is a cloud-based data repository that will make it easier to share information across departments. A first phase will focus on sharing info between the state’s human resources and health departments to help children in foster care, disconnected youth and families. Caseworkers will also receive tablet devices for the first time so they can input data in the field.

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Adoption, Behavioral Health, Care Coordination, Case Management, Child Welfare, Foster Care, Government, Juvenile Justice, Residential

Persistence Plus

by Persistence Plus

Mobile app uses behavioral science to nudge students to achieve goals, reframe obstacles, take advantage of campus resources and stay on the path to graduation.

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Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Foster Care, Government, Human Services, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, Mobile Solutions, School Social Work


by ASIware

This smartphone app by ASIware simplifies lower-level probation and parole check-ins, making them easy, secure and more likely to be complied with than traditional check-ins.

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Juvenile Justice, Mobile Solutions


by Redmane

Our unique, completely configurable cloud-based solution makes case management tasks faster and more efficient. It lets users work online, from mobile devices and the web to perform all aspects of the case management life cycle, including intakes, assessments, service planning, outcomes measurement, and eventually, closure.

Similar to Alexa and Siri, we have developed a tool that caseworkers can speak to, and use to generate ad hoc reports. It responds to natural language inquiries such as “show me my cases that have been open for 30 days,” “show me my cases with two children” and many more.

RedMane excels at mobility solutions that make employees more effective, efficient and accessible outside the office. Even when there’s no internet access, we enable your staff to work online and enter and save data, which is synced upon their return. Often, we extend enterprise software capability to include mobile platforms.

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Case Management, CCWIS, Child Welfare, Foster Care, Government, Human Services, Juvenile Justice, Mobile Solutions


by Solution Specialties

Solution Specialties Inc. provides products and services to public and private agencies that work with criminal and juvenile offenders.

Our systems combine first hand experience working in a variety of agencies at all organizational levels, with a strong background in the behavioral sciences, and information technology, to provide comprehensive systems that fill a wide range of needs.

Tracker is designed to address operational needs, help control costs, collect data for required reporting and management purposes, and facilitate Evidence-Based Practices.

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Data Management, Juvenile Justice


by Helix Business Solutions

VitalChild empowers quality actionable data collection and sharing across all the systems of
care, including: children services, foster care, juvenile justice, residential treatment, and
inpatient psychiatric care. If your agency is looking to replace its outdated systems to become
compliant with the Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS), VitalChild’s case
management solution and outcomes based monitoring system is a valuable and affordable
resource. We have created an easy to budget and affordable subscription model.

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Case Management, CCWIS, Child Welfare, Data Analytics, Data Management, Foster Care, Government, Human Services, Juvenile Justice, Mobile Solutions, Residential, Software as a Service (SaaS)