Case Studies

Unleashing Innovation: Using Everyday Technology to Improve Nonprofit Services

Innovation, Nonprofit, Technology

MAP for Nonprofits and Idealware came together for an exciting research project that paves the way for organizations to use technology in innovative ways to deliver services and advance their missions.

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A Field Guide to User Adoption: 5 Proven Ways to Make Technology Adoption Stick in Human Services

Branding, CCWIS, Engagement, Foster Care, Government, Innovation, Social Services, Social Workers, Technology, Web Design

Northwooods understand how challenging it can be to roll out new technology in the field of Human Services, because we’ve done it so many times before. We’ve seen the many hurdles and potholes along the way — and understand the critical steps that can make all the difference between failure and success.

Take a minute to download our field guide. Its filled with practical steps and useful tips to make sure your technology project is successful both now and long into the future. Download A Field Guide to User Adoption today to learn more.

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Industry Articles

After a Series of Foster Care Hackathons, Here’s What Happened Next

Case Management, CCWIS, Data, Foster Care, Government, Innovation, Social Services, Technology

Hackathons – like the foster youth policy and technology hackathons – have spurred a new wave of civic engagement, and these collaborations between the technology and public sector can move the dial on social issues. In an article featured in the Review of Policy Research journal, authors Peter Johnson and Pamela Robinson examine how hackathons, by working with open data and examining government services, can act as a form of civic engagement to spur change.

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Industry Articles

The Former Foster Youth Behind the White House’s Foster Care Hackathon

CCWIS, Foster Care, Government, Innovation, Social Services, Social Workers, Technology

In November of 2014 Cancel founded Think Of Us, a Commitment of Action for the Clinton Global Initiative America. He hopes this nonprofit is the answer to a “digital divide” that he recognizes between child welfare and the tech industry. The mission at Think of Us is to “leverage technology, data, and multimedia to improve policy, practice, and outcomes for youth and families.”

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Research Summary: Innovative Technologies in Child Welfare Summaries

Case Management, CCWIS, Data, Foster Care, Government, Innovation, Mobile App, Social Services, Social Workers, Technology

Please find this report here: To meet the unique needs of children and youth in the child welfare system and better coordinate their care, several provider organizations are turning to technology. There are many innovative technologies emerging that may improve services and outcomes for this special population. At the request of the Southern Area Consortium of Human Services (SACHS), this research summary provides information on how these available or evolving technologies are impacting child welfare services as well as examples from other jurisdictions who are effectively leading the use of technology and innovation efforts in their child welfare agencies.