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From Like to Love: Developing An Online Engagement Strategy

Engagement, Nonprofit, Technology

The numbers are important—likes, follows, retweets all show that your audience is paying attention—but it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that numbers are the goal when what you really want is bigger. Engagement—interaction that is meaningful and furthers your organization’s impact—is what your communications need to deliver.

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Connecting the Dots of Nonprofit Engagement Data: A Closer Look at Practices, Challenges, and Opportunities

Engagement, Nonprofit, Technology

Nonprofit organizations are looking beyond traditional data toward information about constituent participation and engagement. Such data might include volunteer activity, e-newsletter activity, Facebook or Twitter mentions, online petitions or pledge activities, event attendance and interaction among constituents, to name only a few. NTEN and Avectra sought input from 10 nonprofits and associations that vary in size and work across many programmatic areas for specific examples of how they are collecting, managing and sharing engagement data — and how it impacts their work.

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