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  • Technology Needs Assessment

    Discover deficiencies in your operational processes, explore opportunities, identify service gaps, and resolve challenges with a Technology Needs Assessment. McKenzie has over 11 years' experience with social service agencies and the technologies within them. She has served as a project manager that has implemented technologies on both a large and small scale. She can empower your agency by assessing current processes, where the most time and money is being spent, what technologies are out there to assist in those operations and make recommendations based on return on investment (ROI) and cost opportunities.

  • Quality Improvement Planning & Outcomes

    Whether it is developing and implementing a new quality improvement plan or creating a performance based contracting system, McKenzie has done it all. One thing that sets her apart is that she absolutely loves creating data systems that are consumable and usable for the social service sector. She understands first hand how important qualitative data is however she also realizes the importance of quantifying qualitative data in order to measure true impact and move systems and programs forward. McKenzie assisted in creating and implementing the first Performance Based Contracting system into the State of Illinois child welfare system.

  • Capacity Building

    Do you want to go above and beyond to generate outcomes for the clients and communities you serve? It is time to stop neglecting organizational capacity and favoring developing and deploying new programs. McKenzie can assist your agency in achieving maximum social impact, not just some social impact. By working on aspirations, strategy, organizational skills, systems and infrastructure, human resources and culture McKenzie can empower your organization to increase capacity thus increasing impact.

  • Strategic Planning

    Do you need help with understanding the problems your agency faces? With 11 years of experience in dealing with both the public and private sector McKenzie can empower agencies to get creative in developing solutions for their future. Using human centered design (HCD) techniques, McKenzie will use 5 core practices to help identify issues within the agency and how to solve them and move forward.

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History & Experience

McKenzie founded INorupt to move the Social Service sector forward and she isn't looking back.

McKenzie Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 11 years' experience working in child welfare as well as children's behavioral and mental health. Within those sectors she has worked with many different entities to achieve success in advancing social service missions. McKenzie is committed to bringing all technology solutions and information into a centralized and synthesized hub for the social service sector.

She has first hand experience of the increased pressure on social service agencies to perform better with less resources. McKenzie believes that technology equips agencies with powerful tools that can do more with less. She educates on incorporating current technologies into social services in order to receive a Return on Investment (ROI) both fiscally and operationally.

McKenzie helped implement the Performance Based Contracting system into the State of Illinois child welfare system. She has also worked with agencies on creating and implementing Quality Improvement process', Strategic Plans as well as Capacity Building. Unlike many others she also loves diving into data, analyzing it and making it look pretty visually.

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McKenzie's passion, understanding, and skills in her industry have been essential to helping me succeed in my role as a fund development manager in nonprofit. She's such an asset to nonprofit staff and agencies.

Brooke Thomas-Fund Development Manager – Big Brothers Big Sisters

McKenzie is not only bright and exceedingly capable but also passionately motivated to provide excellent services to children. I am fully confident in McKenzie's ability to succeed in any endeavor she pursues.

Brice Bloom-Ellis – Illinois Department of Children and Family Services

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