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I would like to preface this article letting everyone know I am not a partner of Canva receiving any royalties or anything from this article.  I just believe that every person in the nonprofit and social services world should know about this tool since it is free, effective and intuitive.  In addition, we all usually wear multiple hats and are usually asked to learn tasks that aren’t part of our job description…this tool will help with that.

With Canva for Nonprofits, nonprofits can bring their vision to life, and through beautifully crafted content inspire a community to action.

Canva makes us all feel like a graphic designer. On Canva you can choose from hundreds of professional templates to create social media graphics, presentations, flyers, posters, invitations, cards, infographics and so much more.

1. Empowers your staff 

Very intuitive design that allows you to drag and drop different parts into your creation. Everyone in the office at varying educational levels can all create impressive stories that communicate the mission of your organization

2. Effective Campaign Designs

Canva has a library of more than a million images, some free, that can help clarify your message.  Engage with and relate to your donors in more effective ways.

3. Recognizable Brand

With the ability to upload images as well, you can upload and design in your organizations colors as well as use all your branding and logos.  Make
people recognize your brand everywhere they go online.

Currently, more 4,500 nonprofit organizations are using Canva to create things such as:

Presentations- makes presentations more engaging for your events or donor engagement.  Also so any presentations you might have to do professionally to staff or other organizations.

Posters/Flyers- create emotionally charged posters/flyers for events or even for around the organizations workspace.

Social Media Covers- you can change your organizations photos on social media to reflect different holidays, events, etc. You can also create social media posts that are both engaging and inspiring.

Letterheads-create different types of letterheads for different stakeholders, events, holidays, etc.

Infographics- tell your organizations story by creating infographics. In addition you can also analyze data and make it consumable for staff and stakeholders through an infographic.

Food & Drink Menus-create menus for different events.

Postcards/Thanks yous- create save the dates, postcards, thank yous, etc for events or to send to your clients/families.

Ads- you can even create your own ads so instead of hiring someone canva shows you dimensions and helps you create ads so you can advertise.

Almost everything that a graphic designer would have access to, you also have access to. Canva lets you create almost everything from scratch or you can use a template as well.  You can choose design elements such as:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Background
  • Shapes
  • Layouts
  • Branding

While Inorupt is bridging the gap between social services and technology, Canva is bridging the gap between an organizations mission and their audience.

About the Author
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith
Founder, Consultant

McKenzie Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in the social services. She is committed to bringing all technology solutions and information into 1 centralized and synthesized hub for the sector. She is very passionate about social services and nonprofits using metrics and technology to increase effectiveness and impact on large scales. When she is not moving the social service system forward you will find her chasing after her son Nash, running her daughter Irie to activities or going to a Pilates class.