A Social Workers Dream Technology: A resource referral platform

Innovation, Social Services, Social Work, Technology

As social workers and case managers, we have no idea what a job is that doesn’t entail every single bit of our time and energy.  Not only do we have administrative tasks piling up a mile high, but we have clients with significant issues and demands. People entrust us with their worries, needs, and struggles on a daily basis. Healthify realized this, and that’s why they created a social services database for free.

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Social Workers: The Untapped Hub of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, Innovation, Leadership, Social Services, Social Work, Technology

In what many might consider the most unlikeliest of places to look for entrepreneurs, social work is actually a hub of entrepreneurial thought leaders. Residing in this place of ideas for change with little to no funding, social workers are constantly grinding out creative ways to progress human and societal conditions. Social workers have been “doing good” before doing good was cool. Below is a list of 5 entrepreneurial skills that social workers embody in their everyday work.

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Resisting change with technology?

Change Management, Innovation, Social Services, Technology

So I ask you, in Social Services, “How are you innovating in your field?” “How are you progressing services for your clients?” “What are you doing to embrace change and move the field forward?” If you are resisting change and innovation and still operating on antiquated processes then you are most likely putting your clients through an unnecessary painful process. Let’s leverage technology to move the system forward in amazing ways that benefit our vulnerable families and clients; just like our dentists did for us.

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