Care Management Technology Via SenseHealth

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Several weeks ago I blogged about the potential of HIPAA secure texting. Within that post was a webinar that featured another solution to this via a company called Sense Health. This is a unique platform to assist with care coordination. It powers mobile devices to offer appointment reminders, diagnosis specific prompts (and ones you can customize), secure texting, phone calls, and video (coming soon).  

What I like about his platform is it appears to offer a menu of technology for care management. As technology rolls out the more flexibility available, the more I think someone will be willing to use it. It is critical to not just "throw technology at the problem" but honor provider and consumer preferences. The pre-loaded and also customization features seem like they can add a lot value to a care management program. Check out this quick two minute video on how it works...


If you are considering adding a care management platform, check out SenseHealth...

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Sean Erreger
Sean Erreger
Sean Erreger

Sean is a mental health care manager, social work blogger and consultant. He has variety of direct practice social work experience in therapy and crisis intervention. He is interested in how technology is changing the therapeutic process. You can find him at his blog "Stuck On Social Work" and any of the listed social media outlets.