A Social Workers Dream Technology: A resource referral platform

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As social workers and case managers, we have no idea what a job is that doesn’t entail every single bit of our time and energy.  Not only do we have administrative tasks piling up a mile high, but we have clients with significant issues and demands.

People entrust us with their worries, needs, and struggles on a daily basis.

Healthify realized this, and that’s why they created a social services database.

Healthify allows you to quickly and easily search for food, shelter, mental health care, and many more program categories, by zipcode, city or even street address.

You can share resources easily with teammates, download directions, and leave comments for yourself and your colleagues about the quality of care your clients received while at a program.

Healthify also provides networking capabilities to its users through an online social network, called the Community Care Network. Share ideas, find events, and collaborate with users in your field of work.

Healthify was founded by “our” people for “our” people.  They realized there was something missing to make us social workers more efficient and effective and they fixed it.  Check them out below:

●      Start searching Healthify’s network of social services, by visiting: https://www.healthify.us/ccn/register.

●      Join their social network here: http://community.healthify.us.

About the Author
McKenzie Smith
McKenzie Smith
Founder, Consultant

McKenzie Smith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in the social services. She is committed to bringing all technology solutions and information into 1 centralized and synthesized hub for the sector. She is very passionate about social services and nonprofits using metrics and technology to increase effectiveness and impact on large scales. When she is not moving the social service system forward you will find her chasing after her son Nash, running her daughter Irie to activities or going to a Pilates class.