INorupt is passionately committed to uplifting human and societal conditions as well as amplifying social capitol by bridging social services and technology.

Who we empower?

If your organization specializes in social services, INorupt is for you. Here are some of the sectors we already help.

Assisted Living
Behavioral Health
Domestic Violence
Foster Care

Juvenile Justice
Mental Health
and more...

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WHY does INorupt exist?

Faced with the demand to deliver more effective outcomes with less resources, the social service sector needs to start working smarter. A couple of ways to address this is by modernizing their IT systems and functioning more like a business rather than a charity. We (social services) are failing these clients and our missions by not leveraging technology and certain business practices.

The world of technology is progressing other sectors through innovation and disruption at phenomenal rates. It is time for the whole social service sector to leverage technology as well. The leading social service agencies recognize that technology is an investment in their mission and their leadership incorporates technology decisions with organizational strategy.

We are equipping social service agencies with the tools they need to start putting ideas into action. By synthesizing and organizing all available social service technology solutions as well as providing insight regarding technology in one centralized hub, we are empowering the social service sector to do more with less.

Humankind will never be able to eradicate the need for social services entirely. However, we can do a lot better than the current state. The social service sector can leverage technology in order to help obliterate many issues that affect our most vulnerable populations. At INorupt we are working to create immense social change as well as amplify social capitol by using our Heart and our Heads.

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